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Review procedure

Reviewing procedure for scientific articles in a journal

1. The procedure of reviewing articles follows the recommendations contained in the brochure of the Ministry of Science of Higher Education "Good Practices in Review Procedures in Science" (Warsaw 2011).
2. By submitting a manuscript for publication in the journal, the authors consent to the review process.
3. The submitted publications are first assessed by the Editorial Board.
4. Then the publications are reviewed by two reviewers who are not members of the Editorial Board of the journal and have at least a doctoral degree.
5. The submitted works will not be sent to reviewers from the same institution where the Authors come and to persons who may have a conflict of interest with the Author. In special cases, the reviewer signs a declaration on the absence of a conflict of interest, while the conflict of interest is considered to be the direct personal relationships between the reviewer and the author (in particular, relationship to the second degree, marriage), relationships of professional subordination or direct scientific cooperation within the last two years preceding the review preparation year.
6. Papers are reviewed confidentially and anonymously.The journal has a "double-blind review" policy, which means seeking advice on individual articles from experts in a given field who are not part of the journal's editorial office or Scientific Council. This peer-review policy means that the identity of reviewers and authors is and will remain hidden. For both parties in the case of: (a) an ambiguous review, (b) two contradictory reviews - the editors shall appoint a third reviewer. Due to the high quality of reviews, we would like to inform the authors that the peer-review process can be relatively long. Submitting an article to the review process does not guarantee publication of the article in a journal. In the past, the peer-review policy allowed reviewers from the Scientific Council in exceptional circumstances, and from 2022 it will no longer be applied.
7. The manuscript is given an editorial number, identifying it at further stages of the publishing process.
8. Reviewers are not allowed to use the knowledge about the work before its publication.
9. The reviewer submits the review in electronic form to the editorial office's e-mail address provided on the review form and in a paper form with a handwritten signature, which is stored in the Editorial Office for a period of 5 years.
10. The prepared review contains an unambiguous conclusion of the reviewer regarding the conditions of admitting the scientific article to publication or its rejection.
11. The final qualification for publication is made by the Editor-in-Chief on the basis of an analysis of the comments contained in the review and the final version of the article provided by the Author.
12. The Editorial Board archives a list of reviewers for each issue of the journal.
13. We inform the authors that the process from submitting an article to a journal to publication takes 120 days. Reviewers are selected for the first 10 days. Reviewers have 50 days to do reviews. Within the next 10 days, the editors decide whether to accept or reject the article.

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